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Ben Fillman

Ben has been associated with CBL Training and Consulting since 2004, when it started as an outline on a piece of paper. He has assisted and developed curriculum with John since CBLTAC's inception. With the expansion of CBLTAC, John invited Ben to become a member of CBL Training and Consulting in May 2011.

Ben is currently a California State Peace Officer and is a Sergeant. He has worked in a variety of positions including street patrol, investigations, gang task force member, and as a police academy instructor training both police cadets and active officers in a wide range of basic and advanced officer safety skills.

Ben has earned several instructor certifications including weaponless defense, impact weapons, active shooter response, Simmunitions, range master, Taser, and arrest & control. Additionally, Ben has expanded his professional knowledge and expertise by attending numerous advanced training courses specific to his skill set. Ben has thousands of hours of instructional experience related specifically to armed and unarmed combatives and law enforcement related tactics.

Ben has had the good fortune of both participating with allied agencies in advanced training events, as well as instructing allied agencies in addition to the thousands of officers he has trained within his own department. Ben also volunteers as a coach within a youth wrestling program and is a recognized coach through USA wrestling.

Since Ben was 17 years of age he has dedicated the majority of his free time to various forms of hand to hand combat, including Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jui Jitsu, and Boxing. He has combined years of combatives training and his field experiences to provide a hardline, no nonsense approach to ensuring his clients receive the best possible training.​​
(Associate Instructor)