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CBL Training and Consulting Staff

CBLTAC is staffed and subcontracted by well trained professionals from diverse backgrounds.  We have trained citizens across the United States and abroad within martial arts schools, private organizations and associations, as well as governmental employees from city, county, state, and federal jurisdictions.  We work hard to bring you the latest, best possible training in tactical bio-psychology, stress management, interrogation, rapport building, personal protection, and fieldcraft.  

CBLTAC instructors know how to teach.  We have been formally trained in adult learning concepts, and we make every effort to accommodate auditory, visual, and tactile learners in each of our classes.

CBLTAC is a small veteran-owned business based out of Sacramento, California.  We are prepared to travel anywhere in the world to present from our catalog of seminars.

We can customize our seminars to fit your specific training needs and concerns.

John Wilson   
(Primary Instructor)
Pamela Lee