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​CBLTAC promises three things:

1) We will not waste your time.  2) The information you learn will be practical, right now. 3) The training will be life or career saving.  Our classes offer the audience practical information they can use as soon as they walk away from the seminar.  There is a high degree of audience interaction and energy in every seminar.  Each class is four hours in length, but can be extended to eight hours or more depending on the depth of information desired. 

CBLTAC also provides customized, original training based upon you needs, within the spectrum of our expertise.  The training may be lecture, practical, or scenario based.  Everything we do is completed with a high degree of safety in mind to ensure your group receives the best possible training in the safest possible environment.

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Tactical Bio-Psychology:
Fundamental Body Language 


​​​​​​​​​​​Combating Stress (Stress Management) 

Identifying Concealed Weapons 

Simpatico (Building rapport) 

Express Interrogation  

Rapport-based Interviewing 

Formal Interrogation 

Cognitive Interviewing 

Impulse Control 

V.I.P.A.R.: Violent Incident Preparation And Response

C.R.A.S.H.: Citizens' Response to Active Shooter and Hazards