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It seems so simple...

​​We wear clothes every day, but there is a lot more to clothes than just wearing them.  The elements are constantly working against us.  Sunlight, heat, rain, cold, rugged plants, insects... they are all reasons to understand our most basic shelter systems: our clothing.

CBLTAC's "Clothing" seminar covers the essentials of outdoor clothing, from layering and microclimates to extreme protection.  We cover the necessary clothing for moving long distances over rugged terrain and for maintaining a static position in inclimate weather.

​​​​Clothing can also be a tool for carrying gear and supplies, or it can save your life in water if you can not swim.  There are many tricks and secrets about clothing and CBLTAC covers as many as possible in our clothing seminar.
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CBLTAC in Canada, -30F (not including wind chill)
CBLTAC in Death Valley National Park, 130F