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CBLTAC Basic Survival Skills

There is a real need to be prepared.  We taught our children in scouts, but somewhere along the way we forgot for ourselves...
There are infinite scenarios where core survival skills could either save your life or someone else's.​​

CBLTAC survival skills seminars do not differ from our other classes... We offer a unique combination of psychology, physiology, mindset, and hands-on instruction that will increase your understanding of simple sustainment skills.  Knowing what to do creates predictability.  Predictability relieves stress.  Limiting stress allows people to make better decisions.

​​Our seminars are common sense, low key, and easy to remember.  We don't expect people to change they way the live.  In fact, we hope people can become prepared as an insurance policy, rather than a radical lifestyle change.

Each seminar is four hours in length.  The Expeditions are 24 hours.​​
Survival Preparation Intro
The Breaking Point