72 Hour Supplies for Four People,
​Vacuum Packed in 5 Gallon Bucket w/Mylar

​72 Hour Health List

o Lip balm
o Triple antibiotic
o Band aids
o Super glue
o Cotton swabs
o Insect repellant
o Sunscreen
o Antifungal powder
o Toothbrush x4
o Toothpaste
o Moist wipes
o Washcloth
o Hand towel
o Bar soap, antibacterial
o Sewing kit
o Bleach
o Aspirin, Acetaminophen
o Prescription drugs
o Anti-diarrheal
o Pot (small)
o Dish soap
o Scrub pad
o Toilet paper
o Knife
o Eating utensils
o Shampoo
o Comb/brush
o Tea light candles
o Lighter/ matches
o Ziplock bags
o Plastic grocery bags
o Large trash bags
o 4 cups
o 4 bowls
​72 Hour Food List

o 1 gallon water, per person, per day
o 5oz canned tuna or chicken 12 cans
o Brown long grain rice 12 cups
o Pinto beans (dry) 12 cups
o SPAM (regular) (2)12oz cans
o Various premix spice packets 6 packets
o Gatorade powder drink mix 1 can
o Mixed dried fruit/berries 2 bags
o ​Instant oatmeal 24 packets
o Candy (ex. Jolly Rancher) 24 each
BACK TO Reference
72 Hour Dedicated Backpack Kit

o Quality, rugged Backpack
o 1 liter Tritan bottle, 2 ea.
o Stainless steel cup
o Poncho/ ultra light tarp
o Heavy duty knife
o Light duty knife
o 550 cord (at least 100 feet)
o Lighter/matches/ferrocerium
o Water purification tablets
o Water filter
o MRE, 3ea.
o LED Flashlight(s)
o Medications
o Emergency thermal blanket
o Chem lights
o Tea light candles
o Small bar of soap
o Lip balm
o Sun block
o Washcloth
o Waterproof bag
o Extra wool socks
o Hiking pants
o Synthetic t-shirt
o Long sleeve expedition shirt
o Hat
o Leather gloves
o Watch
o Identification Card
o SD Card w/important documents
o Cash
​o Sunglasses
o Prescription glasses
o Firearm
o Two full spare magazines
o Map and compass

​Your TO-DO List:

o Prepare 72 Hour Hygiene Bucket
o Prepare 72 Hour Food Bucket
o Prepare 72 Hour Dedicated Pack
o Purchase Road Map
o Mark primary route (work to home)
o Mark two alternate routes
o Identify water sources
o Identify food sources
o Identify friend locations
o Identify family meeting point
o Identify alternate meeting point
o Put water, food, and shoes in vehicle
o Make two starter buckets: beans and rice