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The Breaking Point
Without shelter you can die in three hours.
Without ​water you can die in three days.
Without food​ you can die in three weeks.

CBLTAC's seminar "The Breaking Point" provides the audience with common sense methods to accomplish the following:

1. Understand the concept of a micro climate and learn to pack a clothing system that acts as a shelter.

2. Start and build a fire using different methods.

3. Procure​​​​​​, filter and purify water to make it safe for drinking in the field.

4. Learn to select and pack food for long term storage.

5. Learn "how" to eat in a survival situation.​​​​

6. Identify the cardinal directions; day and night.

7. Alert and physically defend yourself in varying scenarios.

8. Much more​​​​​​​​

This is a two day scenario-based seminar: 4 hours (Day 1), 10 hours (Day 2).  It is focused on the survival skills needed to get home safely.  It is hands-on, very educational, and could save your life, yet we never leave the seminar room.  It's like no other class you've ever attended... ask your school or organization to host CBLTAC's "The Breaking Point" today!
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"​​We attended the "Breaking Point" seminar recently at WestCoast Krav Maga. The training was focused around the plausible scenario that chaos "could" occur...which in turn created the question of.."Are we prepared to survive and get home safely, and would we have the perseverance to last?" We learned the importance of the all important mindset, Go Bags, water purification, assessment of available materials and their worth, strategies for hands on personal protection, fire starting, navigation during the day as well as night, and the importance of preparation. John Wilson is a natural instructor that delivered a well thought out lesson. Daniel Carlini is clearly top notch in delivering self defense techniques that work for anyone on any level. 'Breaking Point' has left us with the mindset- chaos is survivable and not something to fear. Extremely worthy course! Thank you CBLTAC & Westcoast Krav Maga. It was SO much fun!

​​Sincerely, Cindy Brooks and Joe Brooks"