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Without water you can die in three days.

CBLTAC's class "Water" provides the audience with common sense methods to do four things: collect, transport, purify and store water. 

It seems like a very simple concept, but people fail at these four tasks all the time.  Further, people who are accustomed to urban living may hold the attitude that in order to accomplish those four tasks there must be modern technology involved.

CBLTAC shows their students that technology is not necessary to find water, move it from point A to B, or to purify it without chemicals or expensive filters​​​​.  CBLTAC takes it one step further and provides guidance on how to properly store water for long periods of time maintaining health and safety.

Because audience members can be from a diverse background, and because emergencies can occur anywhere, we present these tasks in a manner suitable for students from arid, temperate and tropical environments.
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