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Survival Preparation Intro Seminar

​​​​The questions are simple and we ask them often:

"​If there was an emergency, are you ready?"

The answer in most cases is no.  When we run across a person who thinks they are prepared, all we have to do is ask a few questions.  Do you have water?  Do you have food?  Do you have fuel?  Can you protect it?

CBLTAC's "Survival Preparation" is about being ready for simple emergencies.  It's not your contemporary seminar about being ready for "the end."  It's about Hurricane Sandy... Katrina... Andrew.  It's about the floods in North Dakota or the fires in Colorado and Tahoe.

CBLTAC's "Survival Preparation" is about putting the resources aside to assist you and your family in a locatized or widespread emergency.  Those resources should allow you to feed your family, supply them with water, and keep them warm in a short or long term situation.

Whether it be 72 hours or a year, CBLTAC wants you to understand two things:

1. You can be prepared.

2. You don't have to change your lifestyle.

It's that simple.  We'll show you how to set up a plan on a budget and rest easy while everyone else is running away.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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