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How long would you be able to feed your family if you could not leave your property?  If there was a disease, widespread violence, or a lack of food due to a major disruption in the supply chain, how long would you last?

Many believe help would be on the way if there was an emergency.  In some case that might be true, but CBLTAC believes that is the mindset of a victim.  Making that assumption is like thinking you need not train for a fight because the police will come.

CBLTAC's "Food" seminar covers the simple process of preparing a long term food storage in case of an emergency, and how to store that food so that it can be forgotten until needed.

CBLTAC covers what you need to do to have an emergency supply of quality food on hand while traveling in your own vehicle and how to locate food sources if you find yourself unprepared.

Finally, CBLTAC explains what you need to do to start your own food source.​​​​​​
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