V.I.P.A.R. (Violent Incident Preparation And Response)

This seminar is an exciting, four hour, contemporary and interactive presentation that will educate attendees about violence, awareness, physiology, combatives, psychology, tactics, and the methodology on how to be safer at home, at work, and in public.

This seminar has been presented internationally and regardless of age, sex, stature, or ​​exposure to personal protection training, each attendee will have a great time and learn potentially life saving skills.

The first half of the seminar is an interactive look at safety, security and reactions to threats.  We have found ways to directly involve every attendee and we also use select volunteers to help prove our learning points.  We have also found ways to turn a dark, violent subject into a fun, non-offensive seminar.  But make no mistake, ​​everyone will learn very important lessons.

The second half of the seminar is safe, controlled, out-of-your-seat, hands-on action.  We teach how to react to a life threatening, critical incident... While the goal in most cases is to evade a violent encounter, sometimes violence is unavoidable.  To address these critical incidents, CBLTAC teaches the F.A.S.T. technique (Flinch, Assess ​​, Strike, Tactical Withdraw). 

During F.A.S.T. training, we emphasize the importance of capitalizing on instinctive movements to efficiently block or protect from an attack; the concept of perceptual lag (similar to the OODA loop); when, why, and how to strike during a knife, gun or blunt object attack; and finally getting away to help.

The seminar ends by addressing the after effects of violence exposure.​​ 

This seminar is an excellent compliment to "Fundamental Body Language", "Impulse Control" and "Combating Stress". 

Information for the seminar host:

- V.I.P.A.R. is capped at 50 attendees with one instructor and 100 with two instructors​​​​​​

- CBLTAC will need enough space for each attendee to be a safe distance from others

- Attendees can wear their normal everyday clothing (high heel footwear is prohibited)

- ​​​​​​​​CBLTAC will coordinate with you to bring our audio, projector, and screen or to use yours

- CBLTAC will bring safe, wooden firearm facsimiles for training (TSA approved)

- CBLTAC will bring safe, blunt knife facsimiles for training​​ ​​(TSA approved)

- This seminar is "physical", but has been attended by people from 16-80(+) years old

​For more information, email admin@CBLTAC.us