Combating Stress (Stress Management and Resilience)

​​Stress keeps us alive, but it can also lead you down a dangerous path...

There are different types of stressors working for and against us.  "Combating Stress" introduces stress in surprising ways to the audience and defines source stresses.   Then, using sound psychological concepts, it provides the audience with a model to gauge one's own current life stress level.   After that, "Combating Stress" shows the audience what actually happens to the body during acute and chronic stress events.  

After providing an in-depth look at the physiological results of stress, "Combating Stress" shares seven proven methods of controlling and reducing stress; both acute and chronic. Also, a psychological model of how stress affects our cognitive processes and behavior is demonstrated.

"Combating Stress" provides knowledge, and like all other CBL Training and Consulting classes, provides practical tools to overcome the problem.   In this case, instead of defeating an enemy, or controlling another person, we give the audience access to themselves!

This presentation is available in the popular 4 hour format, or the more detailed 8 hour format.  The 8 hour format is more audience engaging, as we physically demonstrate on members of the audience methods of stress reduction.​​