"Simpatico" means having a like mind or temperament with the person you are associating with.  It also menas having attractive qualities and being pleasing to another.  CBLTAC uses simpatico as a synonym for rapport.

For most people, there is no "system" for establishing and maintaining rapport.  It comes naturally as part of our long developed social skills.  Establishing and maintaining rapport is typically easy because people associate with others they are fond of.

An employee of a governmental or private organization must contact and associate with a person that may have no desire to associate with the employee.  This creates a problem that is difficult to solve using conventional social skills. 

​​"Simpatico" accomplishes several goals...

First, "Simpatico" provides a deeper understanding of conscious and unconscious rapport, covering the use of cognitive dissonance as a tool, body language postures, and proxemics.​

Second, "Simpatico" covers motivation, human psychological priorities, the use of predictability as a tool, human cognitive distortions, abnormal psychological conditions, and personality types.

Last, "Simpatico" prepares the audience with a simple, three step process that allows the employee to assess the person they are associating with, connect with the person, and later to humanely influence the "direction" the interaction goes for a positive outcome.

"Simpatico" was designed to assist employees with difficult subjects in the field, for both "strategic" purposes and safety reasons as well. 

​​This seminar is 4 hours, but is a perfect match with "Rapport-based Interviewing" for an extremely educational 8 hour day.​​  ​​​​​​​​​​​