The 11 Principles of Leadership

In 1948, the United States Department of the Army developed a publication titled, "Leadership" (Field Manual 22-10).  It was a culmination of literally hundreds of years of organizational leadership knowledge.  The manual was first published in 1951 after several years of review. 

The original manual (FM 22-10) and its concepts have been used ever since, developed into further military, government, and civilian policies and doctrines.  The concepts provided in the "11 Principles of Leadership" are timeless, and apply to any organization that wants to better itself and its people.

CBLTAC's adaptation of "The 11 Principles of Leadership" is a motivational, inspirational, and educational seminar about leadership and foundational concepts of how we can all be the best we can be.​  It is full of encouraging quotes about guidance and authority in an everchanging world.  

This class will provide leaders and subordinates alike with valuable tools they can use everyday to apply or provide purpose, motivation, and direction to the daily activities and their long-term goals.​​​​