Rapport-based Interviewing

​​How well do you connect, communicate, and elicit information?

This class was designed as an alternative to formal "interviewing" techniques, specifically for the person who has never had any training specific to interviewing.  It gives the investigator or negotiator a way to draw or evoke information using a simple three step process.   This technique can be accomplished in just minutes if properly applied.

Most public professionals conducting business activities on a day to day basis in the field environment are not able to conduct formal interviews.  This usually requires a properly arranged interview room, recording devices, and a formally scripted interview plan.  After most formal interviews, a formal interrogation may occur.  The interrogation process may take place minutes, hours, or days after an interview.

"Rapport-base Interviewing" enables professionals to employ an easy to remember, three step "truth and fact finding" process.  This is an informal clandestine process, conducted during a consensual encounter.

This process can also be used in the corporate environment during business meetings and negotiations to achieve instant rapport and gain truth or facts.

This technique has been used in the field during investigations, ranging from consensual interviews, and law enforcement related infractions to felony crimes with great success.

This seminar is 4 hours, but can be shortened to 3 hours if the audience has attended "Para-Language."