Cognitive Interviewing

​​Find the details in the past from the subconscious...

There may be times when you need to interview a person about a past event.  But, when you sit down with them to get the details they may not remember what occurred.​

Often, people think that the memory is like a video camera, recording memories as they occur.  Then, when it is time to recount those memories, all one has to do is replay the event in their head.  Not so fast...

Our brains collect information from a collection of senses and perceptions.  Depending on the event, our brains may amplify some senses, while sometimes completely shutting others off.  When a person tries to remember the event, they are attempting to access the memory from a relaxed state (similar to the state you are in reading this).  But, if the brain was in a stimulated state at the time of the memory processing, the recollection of the memory may not come easily.

The senses were there, likely "recording" the information.  Yet, the brain does not have a conditioned mechanism to retrieve the information. 

CBLTAC will show you how to greatly increase your ability to access that information from another person.  We will show you how to relax a person and take them back to the moment the event was experienced.  Then we will show you how to gently coax the information from the person's subconscious.

The process is simple and easy to remember for the interviewer.  It is a low stress technique from the perspective of the interviewee. 

This technique has been used in many investigations and real world scenarios with great success.

This seminar is available in our popular 4 hour format or a more informative 8 hour format.​​​​  "Cognitive Interviewing" is an excellent compliment to either "Express Interrogation" or our "Formal Interrogation" seminars.  With two 4 hour seminars, the combination makes an informative and practical day of training. ​​​​​​​​​​