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Daniel Carlini

Daniel Carlini became a CBL Training and Consulting instructor in August 2012. Daniel instructs California POST-based defensive tactics and fieldcraft courses in California, the U.S.A and abroad. CBLTAC is proud to have Daniel as a member of the team and recognizes him as a competent, motivated, and enthusiastic instructor.

Daniel has extensive experience in defense tactics and personal protection. He has trained in Krav Maga in Europe, Israel, and the United States. ​​D​aniel is a Judo black belt and has experience in military hand to hand combat and close quarters combat including Hisardut and Haganah techniques.

​​He has served in the Italian Armed Forces, and served with NATO under the command of the USMC.  His professional background includes: multinational military operations, private contractor work for international security agencies, various dignitary protection details, and he has served as a corrections officer with the Department of Homeland Security.

​​Daniel currently works as a defensive tactics instructor for a high profile international protection agency and as a lead instructor with Krav Maga training centers in Colorado and Southern California. As a defensive tactics instructor, Daniel has trained thousands of law enforcement, military, and private agency personnel. He has taught numerous seminars related to personal security, third party protection, and threat assessment.

​​Daniel is a certified law enforcement and military Krav Maga instructor under the Krav Maga Alliance Force Training Division.
(Associate Instructor)