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Body Language Chapter Classes​​​​​​

​CBLTAC's body language introductory class is four hours in duration.  The seminar provides excellent information on the primary physiological body language related disciplines; however, CBLTAC staff felt the amount of information could be overwhelming for some audience members.

CBLTAC divided "Fundamental Body Language" into an additional 32 hours of training.  Each class is four hours long and covers the material from the introduction class in great detail, focusing on the physiology of FFC*, stress, and fear.

"Fundamental Body Language" is a "sit down" lecture (for most of the audience).​​  The "Fundamental Body Language" chapter classes are a powerful mix of lecture and practical exercises, where the audience has the opportunity to experience and learn each subtopic within "Fundamental Body Language" up close and personal in an interactive adult learning environment.

Whether you just want to know more about the subject, or you you want to learn to control or defeat the physiological processes, the 36 hours of body language chapters will be an exciting learning experience.  Each class is a stand alone seminar, but they are also progressive and connected for a full course.​​

*Fight, flight or comply mechanism​​
Body Language
Chapter Classes​
Fundamental Body Language Intro
Fight or Flight Physiology
The FFC Timeline
Perceptual Lag
Compliance Mode
The FFC Signs
The Arbore Concept
Stress Innoculation