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CBL Training and Consulting (CBLTAC) has been training professionals and citizens since 2004.  CBLTAC offers practical seminars about tactical biopsychology, acute and chronic stress, psychology and physiology, self protection, and survival.


​To MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, INSPIRE, and provide practical ​​lessons, using tactical biopsychology, that will assist professionals and citizens in achieving a higher degree of safety, job efficiency, wellness, and awareness. 


​Appeal to and offer the best training possible in our field to military, law enforcement, government, private organizations, and citizens.  


​Provide accurate information to enhance personal, employee, and citizen safety, efficiency, wellness, and awareness.  Deliver this training with enthusiasm, tact, empathy and professionalism.

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CBLTAC has presented to the following organizations: California Highway Patrol, California Department of Fish and Game, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Western States Auto Theft Investigator's Association, Colorado Krav Maga, Federal Aviation Administration, California Unified Program Agencies, Colorado State Patrol, Walnut Creek Police Department, California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health, Sacramento Sheriff's Department, California Hazardous Material Investigator's Association, Beach Cities Krav Maga, California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), Berkeley Fire Department, California Environmental Health Association, Orange County Environmental Health Department, West Coast Krav Maga, Missoula Police Department, Western States Utility Theft Association, California Reserve Peace Officers Association, East Texas Krav Maga, Kern County Environmental Health, Louisville Police Department (Colorado), PG&E, Orange County Fire Authority, Krav Maga Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada), California Veterinary Medical Association, Monterey County Health Department,  Nevada County Code Enforcement, California Water Environment Association, CalRecycle, California Association of Code Enforcement Officers, Pacific Gas and Electric, California Animal Control Director's Association, California Association of Environmental Health Administrators, and many more…

​For over 17 years, CBLTAC has ​provided competitively priced ​training to thousands ​of citizens, ​​government ​employees, and ​peace ​​officers throughout the United ​States ​and ​beyond. 

CBLTAC does not advertise.  Instead, ​we ​rely upon the word-of-mouth testimony of ​those who ​have experienced our training.  Some of our seminar attendees have ​expressed the following:

"The Fundamental Body Language ​training was phenomenal. There are so ​many aspects of body language  I never ​would have thought to pay attention to ​before.  The class was incredibly ​​informative and even fun to ​​attend."​     ​Shannon

"It was my pleasure to sit through the class in Houston on body language and Stress Management. Being an Ol’ Salt: Police, Federal Agent, & now corporate security advisor, I thought I had pretty much heard it all. I was wrong. This was the best 8 hours I have spent in a long time. John Wilson is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. He is truly telling you his secrets, so that you will not get hurt. Admirable and appreciated. Please, as soon as you can, enroll in this class. It’s a bargain; it could save your life and others. John: Thanks and stay safe."
​Gary Mahaffey​​